Ryan Herrington - May 23, 2012


Ryan Herrington is a Senior Writer for Golf World Magazine and he is in Franklin, Tennessee this week for the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championship. Elizabeth Brightwell of the University of Virginia was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard on a day when Virginia was going to take the lead after a round in the National Championship for the first time in the school’s history. The disqualification changed the tone of the entire day as Virginia went from leading to trailing Alabama by two shots.

The consensus among coaches is that Brightwell and Virginia received an appropriate punishment. It was good that her score was disqualified from the first round and that she was disqualified from the individual tournament but many felt that it would have been unfair to disqualify her from the team tournament as well. If that had happened, the University of Virginia would have been forced to field four players instead of five and they would have to count all four scores every day.

University of Alabama entered the tournament as one of the favorites but this year they have had problems getting off to a good start in big tournaments. The fact that they enter the second round with the lead and momentum is a great thing for Alabama as they already have a great team led by senior Brooke Pancake.