Ryan Herrington - May 24, 2012


Golf World Senior Writer Ryan Herrington is in Franklin, Tennessee for the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championship. Alabama has jumped out to an 11 shot lead after 36 holes one year after entering the 2011 tournament as the #1 team as they went on to trail by 20 shots after 36 holes. Brooke Pancake is playing incredibly well this week and they just seem like a different team this year.

When it comes to teams who could come back to win, Herrington said that teams among the top 6 including UCLA have a chance to come back but they are going to need help from Alabama. The course is playing very difficult so there are not a lot of birdies out on the course.

Elizabeth Brightwell came back from his first round DQ to shoot a 72 in the second round. While she is no longer able to compete as an individual, she can still compete for the University of Virginia and what Brightwell was able to do was very impressive because she was understandably distraught after she received the news of her disqualification.