Ryann O'Toole - November 16, 2011


O’Toole was a cast member of Big Break Sandals Resorts and was a Captain’s Pick for the U.S. Solheim Cup team. She will be grouped with fellow Captain’s Pick Vicky Hurst for the first round of the CME Group Titleholders and the shared Solheim Cup experience has definitely resulted in a closer friendship with Vicky. There are a few Solheim Cup team members that she did not know before going to Ireland and as a result of the experience, she has all new friendships and closer relationships. While she does not know what it is like not to be a Captain’s Pick, she did feel a lot of pressure being on the Solheim Cup team and she wanted to make sure that she contributed to the team and she was able to do that. Despite struggling in the events following her selection to the team, she did not listen to any of the critics who were questioning the decision and just focused on trying to get her game ready for the Solheim Cup.

The Big Break made her more well-known among fans on the Futures Tour and the experience provided her a chance to learn how to play under pressure, how to handle interviews, and how to be a better professional. On the question of whether or not she would be on the LPGA Tour without the Big Break, she said yes and no. Leaving in the middle of the competition taught her what she needed to improve on in her game and it also taught her how to handle long delays between shots which helped her better handle rain delays. A good example was the U.S. Women’s Open this year where she finished 9th in a week full of delays.

As for this week in Orlando, she is not really looking at the big purse as much as she is focused on playing as well as she can. Lately she has put too much pressure on herself to perform and she feels that if she is able to relax and just focus on her game, she will continue to improve. One word she would use to describe Yani Tseng is determined.