Samuel L. Jackson - September 10, 2012


Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson is at Friar’s Head Golf Club for the MENTOR’s Champions Golf Challenge which is hosted by Bill Russell. Jackson said that he loves to play golf and he plays around 250-300 rounds per year. Golf became a big part of his life about 15 years ago. He had a number of friends who played and they had been trying to get him to play golf but he had turned them down repeatedly. One day, his friends told him they were going one place but they went to the golf course instead. From that day on, he was motivated to get better and beat his friends.

Unfortunately Bill Russell cannot be at the event this year, but Jackson is very appreciative of the role that a mentor plays in someone’s life. One of his mentors is Morgan Freeman who told him that no should be an incentive and make you work harder to get what you want in life. Freeman also told him to be himself in whatever he did.

When he appears in a film, his contract includes a perk package and in that perk package is a section that stipulates that he has to be able to play golf at least twice a week and the studio will pay for it.

One of the great things about golf is that it is entirely up to you. You get all the credit for your successes as well as all of the blame for your failures. It teaches you to own your own ideas and actions and golf provides great life lessons. You also tend to be able to know who a person is when you spend a few hours on the golf course with them.