Scott McCarron - November 29, 2012


3-time PGA TOUR Winner Scott McCarron has used a long putter ever since he turned professional in the early 1990’s and earned all three of his wins on the PGA TOUR using a long putter anchored to his chest. He is obviously disappointed on a personal level because he has had a great deal of success by anchoring his putter but he knew that this day would come. McCarron said that he got the yips in the early 1990’s and actually quit the game because of it. The long putter did not save his career but instead it gave him a career. He is not sure if the long putter or a belly putter is an advantage for everyone but it has helped him.

After watching a Champions Tour event near his home in California, he went home and built a long putter in his garage. It was not as though he began sinking putts immediately as much as he was having fun on the golf course again and he was thrilled that he was going to be able to have a career in a sport that he loves so much.