Scott Walker - March 9, 2012


Golf Channel Reporter Scott Walker is in Puerto Rico this week for the Puerto Rico Open. Ryo Ishikawa opened with a two under par score of 70 and he has about 7 or 8 members of the Japanese media following him. They were interested in whether or not there was controversy in the United States about Ryo’s special invitation to The Masters and Scott said that there was a little bit as some people wondered if Ernie Els deserved one too.

Trump International Golf Club is more difficult than one might think initially and the wind plays a large role in that. The rough is thick as well so in order to play well you have to drive the ball well and keep it out of the rough. That may explain why several Major Champions are playing well to start the week.

Everyone wants to relax this week as this event is in a beautiful setting opposite a WGC event. He is able to get to know and relate to players on a bigger level than he usually would during most other PGA TOUR events in the United States. These guys are golfers first and professional golfers second and he has had some fun talking to the players about great places to play.

Former World #1 David Duval is in the field in Puerto Rico and while it is obvious he can play good golf, people wonder why the good play doesn’t come out more. He is well-liked on the PGA TOUR and this event has had a history of players coming from behind on Sunday to win. He is an intriguing talent and Scott wonders when the good play he is capable of will come out next.

He called Trump International Golf Club – Puerto Rico “understated Trump” as there is only one waterfall on the property and is not as opulent as some of the other Trump properties in the United States and around the world. It is a challenging golf course in a beautiful setting and it has been a great week so far.