Sean Foley - October 5, 2011


Sean Foley is in San Martin, California this week with his student Tiger Woods at the Open. As time has gone on, the routines he has been working on with Tiger have gotten simpler and right now he is focused on making sure Tiger’s club face is square and that his swing is on plane. Since the PGA Championship, Tiger has been fully cleared to practice and he has spent a great deal of time at Medalist Golf Club practicing and improving his swing. He does not pay attention to a lot of the media coverage of his work with Tiger Woods although he is not immune to having his feelings hurt by certain comments. He knows that the coverage is going to be intensive but he feels that he won’t be too frustrated if he stays grounded and understands what the realities are and just tries to be the best he can be. People go through valleys in life and Tiger has certainly been through valleys recently but he is coming out of it. Anything can happen in golf so as a result he does not tend to make projections of what a successful week would be but he hopes that Tiger will be able to maintain good control from tee to green as well as a strong short game because those are things that he has worked on with Tiger. So many factors beyond one’s control come into play during a golf tournament and since he cannot control those things, he does not tend to worry about them. He only wants to focus on the things that he can influence. His other students like Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan are very different from Tiger physically but all three have similar philosophies. Given the right amount of time with a player, he and a player can have great success together. No one sees the day to day work that he and Tiger Woods put into improving his golf swing and his game so the media will judge their progress together in their own way. Due to time and injury constraints, he and Tiger have had roughly four months to work together over the past year since they started the teacher-student relationship. All he can do each day is be there for his student and do what he/she has paid him to do. His newborn son Kieran has had some health struggles and that has put things in perspective to where various criticisms of his work with Tiger or other players do not really matter. Kieran has made incredible progress and he is growing and gaining weight which is a true blessing. He joined Justin Rose, Nick Faldo, Gary Woodland, and Ian Poulter for a Blessings in a Backpack event at Lake Nona on Monday and  that event was a perfect opportunity for him to give back to the community that has given him so much. It is amazing but 6 out of 10 children in the United States received subsidized food from the government and so many of those kids are hungry when they are away from school. He can’t imagine his own child not eating so Blessings in a Backpack has provided an opportunity for him and others to give kids the chance to bring home food and not be hungry. It is $80 to feed one child for an entire year and if a child is properly nourished that child can properly utilize his or her cognitive abilities and live to their potential. Justin Rose is truly a class act with what he is doing through that charity.