Shannon Fish - May 22, 2012


Shannon Fish is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Atlantis. Shannon is from Houston and has been preparing for a U.S. Women’s Open qualifier by practicing a lot and getting used to the bermuda grass greens.

The second episode ended in a bit of controversy but ultimately, she hit a really bad shot to get into the position of being eliminated. The entire show was a great experience and she learned a lot about herself and her game but she is also looking forward to doing more with Golf Channel.

She was in college at the University of Texas when she was reading a book that her grandmother gave her. The book talked about the idea of not closing off your mind and your heart to what it is that you are truly meant to do. At that moment, she decided that she needed to pursue her dream of becoming a professional golfer. She determined that she could always go back to law school but that she would have one chance at being a professional golfer so she decided to take advantage of this moment.