Shawn Stefani - October 16, 2012


Shawn Stefani earned his second win on the 2012 Tour last week in the Miccosukee Championship. With that win, he moved to 4th on the Money List and has comfortably secured his PGA TOUR card for the 2013 season where he will be a rookie.

When he won the Miccosukee Championship, he received a jacket from the Miccosukee tribe along with the trophy. He did not know that he would receive it and he looks forward to wearing it even more often.

His win last week was very different from his first win in the Midwest Classic because he had a big lead the second time whereas he came from behind the first time. The first win helped him last week in the sense that he had the confidence to know that he could win but it was a very different experience overall.

Looking ahead to the 2013 PGA TOUR, he said that he is excited to play every event on TOUR no matter where it is although he added he is particularly excited to play in the Sony Open in Hawaii in January because not many people get to go to Hawaii to play golf as a part of their job and he has the opportunity to do so.

He shot a third round 62 to take a six shot lead after 54 holes and when he considers the course conditions as well as the atmosphere of the moment, it was the greatest round of golf that he has ever played. Everything went perfectly on Saturday and the score could not have come at a better time.