Stephen Hamblin - May 30, 2012


Stephen Hamblin is the Executive Director of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). The AJGA has grown to 95 tournaments in 32 states as well as Puerto Rico in 2012 and it has been amazing to see how much the AJGA has grown over the years.

The AJGA has a system in place to teach the players the importance of playing fast on the golf course and keeping up the pace in tournaments. But in order to keep up the pace, players have to be properly hydrated and properly prepared to play in tournaments so the AJGA is working very hard to promote the importance of staying hydrated before and during tournaments as a matter of safety for the players.

When it comes to 2012 initiatives, the AJGA is working to help provide opportunities to young players who have the ability to play tournament golf but not the finances. The AJGA has reimbursed over $1 million to young players who have been able to participate in tournaments despite lacking certain financial resources.

The game of golf is very difficult to play and one thing they have noticed in junior golf is that the pre-shot routines of many players take way too long. The AJGA feels if they can do something to reduce those pre-shot routine times, then ultimately the amount of time total rounds take will be reduced as well.