Sterling Sharpe - August 1, 2012


Former Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Sterling Sharpe teamed with Golf Channel’s Win McMurry to win the Ahmad Rashad Celebrity Classic and they won a $10,000 check for charity. Win McMurry joined Gary and Charlie in the Morning Drive studio and brought in the large check and she joked that she is carrying it around with her everywhere.

Sharpe said that Win’s strength during the tournament was her tee shots. She was able to put their team in good position off the tee every time which allowed him to try to hit some long drives over trees and/or doglegs. He is a long hitter and his longest drive in competition is 393 yards when he competed against some long drive champions. He lost that competition to someone who hit a drive 402 yards. He said that Win has a great golf swing and the course was set up well for her.