Steve Largent - September 20, 2011


Pro Football Hall of Fame Member and former U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma Steve Largent was in Long Island for the Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge. He was inspired to pursue politics after his playing career in large part because of his wife. She was very concerned about the direction of the country in the mid-1990’s and the more he looked into it, the more interested he became and in May 1994, he announced that he would run for Congress. He ran knowing that if he lost, he would be fine with that but he wanted to at least give it a try. He won and ended up serving for 8 years. He learned a great deal about the United States while in Congress and also learned that getting things done in Washington requires teamwork just as it does in sports. His mentors have included his grandfather and his high school football coach. His coach gave him a lot of guidance and also remembered to give him a pat on the back when he deserved it and that was very significant in his growth as a football player. He began playing golf around 1977 when he was in his second year in the NFL. He would play with his  teammates for fun and in charitable events but since his retirement he takes his game a lot more seriously.