Steve Sands - September 7, 2012


Sands had a chance to interview Tiger and Rory together after the first round of the BMW Championship and Sands said that it was blind luck that it happened at all. It just so happened that they both played very well and they are also very comfortable with each other. Golf Channel on NBC Producer Tommy Roy wanted to see if they would do the interview together so Sands asked both of them and they were very open to the idea. Their relationship is growing as they are both among the best players in the world and they are playing together more often.

Tiger has had the reputation of a tunnel-vision focus during tournament rounds so it is a little strange to see Tiger look very relaxed with and friendly towards Rory during the actual tournament rounds. It may be a sign that Tiger is getting older and that he also has a great deal of respect for Rory’s talent, accomplishments, and personality. Rory grew up idolizing Tiger and it must be very exciting to have your childhood idol not only respect your game but also respect you as a person.

Graeme McDowell was penalized for moving a leaf with his backswing in a hazard and this incident is just more evidence of the fact that sometimes the rules stink. It is odd that you can move a cigarette butt or a beer can from a hazard but you cannot move a leaf. Many players find this rule odd but he does not know if any action will be taken by the USGA.