Thomas Hauser - May 25, 2012


Thomas Hauser is the author of the eBook Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey. With Mr. Palmer, what you see is what you get and that is a very remarkable thing when you consider how important of a figure he is in the world of golf. While researching the book, he walked with Mr. Palmer numerous times at Bay Hill and learned about what an incredible man he is. This is literally someone who changed the way golf and its players are marketed with his deal with Mark McCormack and the creation of IMG.

When he would walk with Mr. Palmer, he would him play and play very well much of the time. He would ask Mr. Palmer questions during the round and once asked him about politics and after he answered, he hit the ball in the water. Palmer said that the question distracted him and playfully asked Hauser not to ask him those kinds of questions while he was playing.

Latrobe in Pennsylania is very different from Bay Hill in that Latrobe represents Mr. Palmer’s roots in life and in golf and Bay Hill represents what Mr. Palmer has become through his success in the game of golf. For more information on Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey, go to