Tim Brando - December 6, 2011


Brando is a left-handed golfer and a 12 handicap with attitude at his home course in Louisiana. He used to live in Connecticut but now he lives in Louisiana which has helped his game. He noted that this was his first Golf Channel appearance since he got routed in a celebrity Big Break Challenge to fellow CBS announcer Verne Lundquist.

When it comes to the BCS Title Game, he does not have an issue with LSU and Alabama playing each other because they are the best teams this year. However, he is not pleased with the process to get to this game and feels that this rematch will spur the parties in the NCAA to look at new ways to conduct the BCS format which may or may not include a playoff system or a plus one game to determine near ties in the polls.

He thinks that this is the best regular season but worst postseason in the history of professional or amateur sports. Teams that have no business in big bowl games are playing while other teams who deserve to be in the big games are not. You do not harm college football by having a plus one format and feels that it would increase the significance and the profile of the sport on New Year’s Day just like it used to be.

When it comes to the Heisman Trophy vote, Griffin gets his first place vote. Stanford’s loss hurt Andrew Luck’s chances for the award significantly. He thought that Trent Richardson might win based on second place votes alone for a while but he no longer believes this. His ballot for the Heisman Trophy looks like this: Griffin, Richardson, and Mathieu.

David Toms is a member of his golf club in Louisiana and Brando said that what Toms has accomplished in 2011 especially with his son along for the ride has been amazing and that David is one of the nicest people he has ever met.