Tim Rosaforte - April 2, 2012


Sean Foley is having an amazing 2012 with wins from his students Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose, and Tiger Woods. Woods brought controversy to Foley’s life as he was already having success with Mahan and Rose. Tiger’s success has raised Foley’s rating to a very high level and he is currently riding high with four wins since the end of February among his students.

Hunter Mahan should have been on short lists of contenders to win The Masters before last week and now that he has won in Houston, he should definitely be on those lists now. Mahan is showing that he can effectively close golf tournaments and he is also much more mature in 2012 than he has been in years past since he got married and got older. He is also showing that he can excel in areas where he has struggled in the past such as scrambling and three putt avoidance.

Rosaforte agrees with Sobel that while there is a lot of anticipation for the 2012 Masters, the 2001 Masters had the most of any Masters Tournament in recent history as Tiger Woods came to Augusta National seeking to win his fourth consecutive Major. He went on to win that fourth consecutive Major of course and every Masters since has tried to equal that anticipation.

Ernie Els played very well over the last three weeks but unfortunately, he did not play well enough to earn an invitation to the 2012 Masters. His caddie Dan Quinn said that Els went over 40 straight holes without a bogey at one point in Houston but he was not able to earn that win. No one wanted to earn an invitation more than Els and while there were a lot of people rooting for him, he will not receive a Special Invitation and Els understands why.

In his second visit to Monday’s edition of Morning Drive, Tim began by saying that every Masters includes a number of notable anniversaries but this year it is the 60th anniversary of the Champions Dinner which started in 1952 and was hosted by Ben Hogan. Byron Nelson once called it the most exclusive dinner in the world. Hogan began as the host but Byron Nelson took over from 1956 to 2006 until Ben Crenshaw took over and Crenshaw is still the master of ceremonies. Crenshaw called it daunting to just try to open your mouth in that room during the Champions Dinner.

Charl Schwartzel wanted to do his own cookout outside of the clubhouse and he wanted to do the grilling. Augusta National told him that they would prepare the food and serve it inside of the clubhouse as it is traditionally done. Schwartzel is very particular about how the food will be prepared but is excited for the evening and knows that the Augusta National will make the evening very special.

I.K. Kim missed a one-foot putt to win the Kraft Nabisco Championship and it looked like that the shadows from the trees covered the hole location which made putting very difficult. A lot of people are pointing this out and he looks forward to finding out more.

Jesper Parnevik suffered a serious hand injury in a freak accident on his boat in Jupiter, Florida. He has been injured a number of times in recent years and he has been trying to get his health back so that he can resume his career and be ready for the Champions Tour. It was entirely possible that he could have lost his hand in this accident and Parnevik was very lucky that he only suffered an index finger injury which will take a few months to heal.

Pace of play was another question during the Kraft Nabisco Championship and while he does not suggest that pace of play was responsible for the shadows over the hole location at 18, he did say that it impacted the quality of the final round broadcast as slow play always makes viewing more difficult for patrons on the course and television viewers.