Tim Rosaforte - April 9, 2012


Golf World Senior Writer Tim Rosaforte was in Augusta, Georgia this week for the 76th Masters Tournament as part of Golf Channel’s Live From coverage. If Bubba Golf became the way people played golf, many teachers and many people at Golf Channel would be out of a job. Bubba Watson has an interesting ability to create shots that fit the situation and finding very creative ways to get out of slumps on the golf course.

He did an interview with Bubba where he discovered a lot of layers to who he is. Bubba does not hold back with anything and has gone through a great deal with a lot of people including his father, his friends, his caddie, and pretty much everyone. Bubba was hit very hard when his father died and that experience has had a huge impact on his life. The recent adoption of his son has also had a huge impact. The adoption began a new chapter in his life and if his performance in The Masters is in part thanks to these moments, we may be seeing something very special.

Bubba plays the game with a high level of excitement and he is able to do things with the golf ball that maybe no one else can accomplish. His personality is one that is very attractive to a lot of people and if he continues to be successful, he could become one of the biggest names in the game.

In his second visit to Monday’s edition of Morning Drive, Rosaforte began by saying that Bubba’s second shot on the second playoff hole that was a wedge that he hooked 40 yards from 155 yards out. He took a long time over the shot because he remembered what had happened the week before to I.K. Kim during the Kraft Nabisco Championship. There were plenty of moments when he was dangerous spots but he was able to execute shots repeatedly helped in large part by his ability to envision non-linear shots.

As a relates to Tiger Woods, Tim said that he will not just on the bandwagon whenever Tiger wins again. Bay Hill showed that he is capable of winning again but Augusta National showed that the old Tiger is not entirely back yet. He did not break par all week and he struggled on the par 5s and although he was known for kicking a club on Friday, Tiger was cordial and professional in all other aspects.