Tim Rosaforte - March 26, 2012


Arnold Palmer was hospitalized on Sunday afternoon due to high blood pressure but he is scheduled to return home today. The best sign about his condition was the fact that he was irritated about having to spend the night in the hospital. Tim had rarely seen Mr. Palmer look as good as he looked last week at Bay Hill. He was very busy and he was very happy and exuberant everywhere he went.

Tim thought that Tiger was a bit low key following his win during the news conference but he does not expect Tiger to reveal too much of himself in front of the press. Tiger’s real feelings about the victory were on display on the 18th green when he smiled and fist pumped following the final putt.

It took a great deal of mental strength to get through all of the personal and professional problems over the last couple of years and although we know how strong he is mentally, we really know now. The only thing that could stop Tiger from beating Jack Nicklaus’ records is his health and it will be interesting to see what happens with his left knee as the years go on.

Some people get caught up in the moment when it comes to a win like this and he is no different. He said that Tiger could win 20-25 Majors in his career and he got criticized for it just as Johnny Miller has received criticism for saying that Tiger could win another 30-40 PGA TOUR events before his career is over. This is a very exciting moment for Tiger Woods and for golf but we don’t know what will happen next.

In his second visit to Monday’s Morning Drive, Tim began by noting that Ernie Els has been working with a sports vision coach who worked with Ernie about 10 years ago. She was with Ernie last weekend at Bay Hill following his unfortunate finish at Innisbrook the week before. For Ernie, it is not only about getting into The Masters. It is also about winning The Masters. He seems to be happier on the course right now but he needs to continue to improve with his putting if he is going to have any hope of winning.

Luke Donald has been working very hard to get to World #1 and to get back to World #1 and he has recently acknowledged that he found it a bit irritating to be overshadowed by Rory McIlroy when he moved to the World #1 position. What further irritated him a bit was the fact that he was forgotten a week after reclaiming #1 because of Tiger’s win. However, Donald is a great guy with a great guy and he will be able to turn a minor irritation into a major motivation for The Masters.

Arnold Palmer’s daughter Amy was at the hospital with her father earlier this morning and Mr. Palmer is still planning to check out of the hospital and return home today. Throughout his career, Mr. Palmer has had many different faces in golf and yesterday Tim was reminded of how talented Mr. Palmer is with a microphone. He was very funny and very insightful when he was in the booth with Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller on Sunday and it was just great to see Mr. Palmer so excited last week and it is a great relief that he is doing well after a bit of a scare on Sunday.