Tim Rosaforte - November 5, 2012


Tom Lehman earned an emotional win in the Charles Schwab Cup Championship on Sunday for his coach Jim Flick who is battling terminal cancer. Lehman is a man who has great perspective on where he is in his life and career as well as where he has been. Lehman and Flick have worked together since 1990 and it almost seemed like Flick was staying alive just to see Lehman win this week. During the victory party, Rosaforte saw Lehman talking with Flick’s wife about the excitement of the tournament as Jim was unable to come out to the course. Lehman’s local connections to the Scottsdale area made this victory even more emotional and significant.

Lehman has had an incredibly busy week as he was not only playing in an event in his hometown, but he also attended his son’s football game in Tucson as well as an event at his church along with Bernhard Langer where he discussed his personal faith as well as the work that his church has done to help people find better paths in their lives.

Lehman has always been a player where quality has outranked quantity. He has been Player of the Year on the Web.com Tour, PGA TOUR, and Champions Tour and while he may not have a large number of wins in his career, he has a lot of quality wins such as The Memorial Tournament, Open Championship, Tour Championship, and 3 Majors on the Champions Tour. When you add his role as Captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup team, he has had an outstanding career and it is possible that he will earn his 4th Player of the Year trophy later this year.