Todd Lewis - April 3, 2012


Golf Channel Reporter Todd Lewis is in Augusta, Georgia this week for the 76th Masters Tournament. Tiger Woods has more starts in 2012 before The Masters than he had in 2011 and the biggest difference from year to year is that Tiger has much more confidence in his swing. Sean Foley told Todd that the confidence in his swing is allowing Tiger to play golf and not play golf swing and that freedom is allowing him to not only go out and succeed but also have more fun on the golf course.

Augusta National is in great shape right now as the course is very green and lush and while the greens are receptive right now, that can change literally within hours. The 2012 Masters may be the most anticipated Masters in many years as you not only have a lot of big names with great stories, you have a lot of lesser known players with great stories who are just as capable of winning on Sunday.

2011 Masters Low Amateur Hideki Matsuyama returns to Augusta National this year after winning the Asian Amateur Championship for a second straight year. Matsuyama is still in college in Japan and he also won on the Japan Golf Tour late last year. In 2011, he played in part to inspire the town of Sendai where he attends college as that town was hit the hardest of any area by the earthquake and tsunami and will be playing to inspire them this year as well.