Todd Lewis - March 3, 2012


Golf Channel Reporter Todd Lewis has been reporting all week from PGA National for Golf Central and will also be a part of Golf Channel’s Spotlight Coverage of The Bear Trap beginning today at 3PM ET. He spoke with Tiger Woods’ swing coach Sean Foley after Tiger’s practice putting session. Foley said that he takes full responsibility for Tiger’s putting problems because he had Tiger change his putting stroke to make it more similar in path to his full swing. As a result, Tiger has had to change virtually every part of his putting stroke which has led to predictable problems and growing pains.

Tiger has been hitting thousands of golf balls while he has been changing his golf swing with Sean Foley and originally they did not spend a lot of time on short game because Tiger’s short game seemed pretty solid. Now that problems have surfaced, they are going to work on short game more and Foley is convinced that the problem can be solved with a small fix and not a big fix like his short game.

Rory McIlroy is playing great golf and he is playing close to his U.S. base in South Florida with his family in town and his mom cooking meals for him. He feels very comfortable this week and he is excited about next week in Miami as well and is planning to watch his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki play tennis and attend a Miami Heat basketball game.

Tom Gillis has played well on the West Coast in the past but that has not been the case this year as he missed a few cuts on the 2012 West Coast Swing. Gillis took a small break after the West Coast Swing and he is playing this week close to where he lives in South Florida on a course he plays often. That break combined with the comforts of home may be playing a big role in his successful performance so far this week.