Tripp Isenhour - April 8, 2012


When asked about Phil Mickelson’s flop shot at 15 in the third round, Isenhour called it the best flop shot in the history of golf when you consider the moment, surroundings, and result. He loves that Phil Mickelson is someone who will try the difficult shot and loves that he adds so much excitement to the game.

He was very impressed with Peter Hanson on Saturday and his second shot to 18 to three feet was the best shot in his opinion. The key to success for Hanson in the final round is being able to just go out and play his own game. Because of the patron support for Phil and the pressure of the final round, Hanson will be tempted to elevate his game to keep up but if he does that, he will fall apart.

He would want to be with Phil in the final pairing because 19 of the last 21 champions have come from the last pairing but he would want to be with Phil anyway because if Hanson is able to win while staring down Mickelson, it would be a historic accomplishment.

He loves that Bubba Watson is a throwback player who is an artist on the golf course in the way he is able to move the ball. But that movement could be what hurts Bubba in the final round but if he is able to continue hitting the ball well, it will all come down to the putter.

He would take Phil and Bubba over the right-handed players in contention in the final round today. The only thing predictable about Phil Mickelson is his unpredictability but he still thinks that Phil is the favorite to win although he thinks Bubba has a good chance as well.

It was shocking to see Rory McIlroy shoot 77 in the third round yesterday. He thought that Rory was over the 2011 Masters when he won the U.S. Open and even picked him to win this week. But that round is more proof that Augusta National is about gaining experience and he is looking forward to watching Rory gain more experience and knowledge of The Masters over the next few years.

He thinks Phil Mickelson is under the most pressure while Peter Hanson is not under any pressure because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mickelson will go for broke as he always does and it will be interesting to see what happens. If Mickelson were able to win today, he will equal Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer with 4 Masters wins and when you add his win over Tiger at Pebble Beach this year, it will be a very satisfying two months for Phil.