Ty Votaw - October 26, 2011


Ty Votaw is the Executive Vice President of Communications and International Affairs for the PGA TOUR. On the issue of the extension of the voting for Player of the Year, he said that the PGA TOUR was contacted by a journalist about whether or not the WGC-HSBC Champions would be an official win for a PGA TOUR member. Votaw confirmed that it was and then determined that it would only be fair to allow the Player of the Year ballot to be voted on based on all of the official events available. In response to some people who feel that there is something wrong with this extension, he said that they can reflect those feelings in their votes and added that this had nothing to do with Luke Donald’s exemplary performance and that this would have happened if Webb Simpson or anyone else were in Donald’s position. It was an oversight by the PGA TOUR that was brought up by a journalist and since the WGC-HSBC Champions was considered an official win for a PGA TOUR member in 2010, it would have been unfair to not include it in the voting period for this year as well. It was an oversight and the PGA TOUR corrected it. He added that he feels that the PGA TOUR would have been criticized if they had done nothing in this case. He questions whether or not there was anything vague about the PGA TOUR schedule in relation to the WGC-HSBC Champions. The PGA TOUR Policy Board decided in 2010 that the event would be an official win for a PGA TOUR member but unofficial money. Non-members would not get an official win but they would get into the Hyundai Tournament of Champions and the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. A player who has already decided on Luke Donald can make that vote in two weeks and those who want to change their vote in two weeks can do that as well.