Vanna White - December 6, 2011


Being in the Bahamas for a week for Wheel of Fortune was amazing and she does not see how anyone could not like being there for a week. Her golf game is not great but she intends to work on it. When asked about Pat Sajak’s game, she said she did not know as she did not play with him down in the Bahamas. She said that Greg Norman, who is involved with the Sandals Resorts and was with Wheel of Fortune during that week, is a nice person and very normal guy for having a lot of extraordinary accomplishments. Norman did give her some tips for her golf game.

People still love the show even after being on for 29 years and all ages are represented when it comes to who loves the show and who compliments her and Pat when they are on the road. Most people remark how much shorter she is in person and they ask if they can buy a vowel. She and Pat agreed a long time ago that they would not buy each other Christmas or even Birthday gifts. The most common word she has ever turned over in her 29 years on Wheel of Fortune is “you” other than a, at, or the. The joy of the job for her comes from seeing so many people play a fun game and win lots of money, cars, trips, and other gifts.