Warren Humphries - June 22, 2012


European Tour Analyst Warren Humphries is in Cologne, Germany this week for coverage of the BMW International Open. When asked about the actions of Jose Manuel Lara’s caddie, Humphries said that the people at the event consider it to be a very disturbing event. The caddie had decided to act independently and it was Lara’s playing partners Damien McGrane and Peter Hedblom who reported the incident to the European Tour officials. Lara was disqualified and his caddie has been banned by the European Tour for this incident and Humphries feels that this will have a very negative impact on Lara in the short term. Lara’s reputation may be a bit tarnished and he has to now focus on his own game. The European Tour official did not recognize the significance of this incident until after the round and once it was discovered, Lara was disqualified instead of just incurring a four-stroke penalty.

He is not sure of what the impact of Lee Westwood’s move to the United States will be on the European Tour. Many people would love to see Westwood win a Major Championship and clearly Westwood wants to win a Major. The move may be particularly difficult on his wife and children as they have spent their whole lives in England and now they are moving permanently to the United States. Westwood understands that time is running out for him to win Majors and he is going to moving to a place where he can practice in good weather for 12 months a year.