Win McMurry - September 10, 2012


Golf Channel Reporter Win McMurry is on Long Island in New York for the MENTOR’s Champions Golf Challenge which is hosted by Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Member Bill Russell at Friar’s Head Golf Club. She played golf with actor Samuel L. Jackson on Sunday and while she cannot repeat half of what he said on the course, she had a lot of fun with him. You do not realize how much work he has done until you hear his voice and realize how familiar it is. He is about a 6 handicap and he hit a lot of good shots during the round.

There are many people at Friar’s Head to lend Bill Russell a hand to help in raising money for this wonderful cause. Russell’s daughter is at the event and she said that when she was in college, her goal was to mentor three people. Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, and Clyde Drexler are just three of many names who are on hand because Bill Russell made a  phone call and asked them to be involved.