Yani Tseng - February 21, 2012


Women’s World #1 Yani Tseng earned her first win of 2012 on Sunday when she defended her title in the Honda LPGA Thailand. She was very happy to get the first win of 2012 because she had put a lot of pressure on herself to follow up an unbelievable 2011. She worked very hard during the offseason and it feels wonderful to get rid of a lot of that pressure with the win in Thailand on Sunday.

She not have any expectations about 2012 because this is a new year and 2011 is in the past. With that knowledge, she worked very hard during the offseason to try to improve her game and herself from 2011 and she certainly hopes to have a great year but she does not expect it based on her 2011.

It is a lot of fun to get recognized when she is traveling and it is great to get encouragement from fans. As she has improved and started to win more, she has gotten recognized more often and it is fun to have the increased recognition.

The shot she hit to 18 in the final round felt wonderful because she knew what kind of pressure she was under at that moment and she was able to execute the shot successfully and as a result, she earned her first win of 2012 and she ended the interview by saying that she looks forward to coming back on Champions Tuesday this year.