Zach Johnson - May 29, 2012


Zach Johnson earned his 8th career PGA TOUR win on Sunday in the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. When asked about what happened on the 18th green on Sunday, Johnson said that it was certainly a wacky situation. Walking off the green, his caddie Damon Green asked if he had moved his ball marker. Johnson said yes. Damon then asked Zach if he put it back. When he said that he was not sure, Damon said that they had a problem. Rules Official John Munch told him that it would be a two shot penalty and Zach said that he had to stop for a moment to think about what that meant. When he realized that he still won by one shot, he was very relieved to say the least.

Damon caddied for him last week following the recent death of his father. Zach said he did not know if he could have done what Damon did last week. Damon was very close to his father and his father was maybe the biggest fan of what he and Damon were trying to do together in professional golf. His father has left a great legacy with his family and Zach knows that Damon’s father was watching them on Sunday and that the preacher was leading them in the right direction. There is a spiritual side to golf and Zach wonders if and hopes that the great preacher was helping them out on Sunday.

Jason Dufner is playing elite golf right now and you could argue that he has been playing elite golf ever since the 2011 PGA Championship in August. Looking at Jason, he senses that he is doing all of the right things on and off the course to put himself in a position to succeed. Zach knows the feeling because he has done all of those things himself. If you get on a roll and if you are able to get some momentum, you can have a lot of success and Jason is doing just that right now.