Zakiya Randall - May 29, 2012


Zakiya Randall is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Atlantis. She does not look at the end of her time on Big Break as depressing in any way. Instead, she looks back on the Big Break as a great learning experience where she met some great people and learned some great lessons but she is now looking ahead to the future.

She feels that she was one of the best players among a cast of great players. Every person brought something different to the show and every person was very talented so it was a requirement to be on top of your game every day or else you would likely be in danger of being eliminated.

She first started playing golf when she was accompanying other people on the course and was asked to hit a ball over a pond. When she was asked to hit the shot, she had never swung a club before. She swung the club around her body, made contact with the ball, and hit the ball over the pond. After that, she decided to take up the game of golf.

Zakiya designs her own clothes and she said that she really enjoys fashion and wants to make an impact with her clothes. She was inspired to start designing her own clothes when she had trouble finding clothes that fit. Now that she designs her clothes, she enjoys using her clothes to show off her personality when she is playing.

She turned professional in order to participate on Big Break Atlantis and now that her experience on Big Break is over, she is now looking to sign with sponsors so she can continue her dream of playing professional golf.