As the Our Longest Drive travelers and film crew assembled this morning, the trace/chase car pulled up behind the RV sounding like someone had thrown marbles into the dryer.

Hood up with the engine running, our first mechanical inquirer sounded, “It’s the power steering pump.”  Minutes later, Roger the mechanical and carving genius of Wolf It Down territory sounded, “Yup, it’s the power steering pump.”  Fifteen minutes later, the Model A Tin Lizzie troop from Atlanta, Georgia sounded…well, y’all get the drift.  It seems to be the friggin’ power steering pump!

The travelers and Martin caucused over a variety of options concluding that two of the film crew should wait for the car to be repaired.  What’s bloggable about this whole incident is how our hosts, Linda and Scott Goodwin, found a trucker to pick the repair part up in Prince George, BC (some 800 miles away) and have him deliver it to the repair shop as he passed through Watson Lake, YK on the Alaska Highway.

The entire Our Longest Drive team tips their hats to two wonderful people, who in Linda’s own words “know how to help others and get things done in the remote Yukon Territory.”