Outlaws,Indians, Rocks and Gas


Starting with a 5-cent coffee at Wall Drug, we head out for the Badlands. Within minutes we’re in a kind of geography none of us had seen before, except Dan who was, himself, pretty impressed again.  We arrive at Mt. Rushmore in time for lunch with the Presidents. I get Vic and Dan at just the right angle and they too are inaugurated, photographically.

After a visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial, we head for Deadwood, South Dakota. Dan’s reckoning on gas consumption is rather cozy. We ride the red fuel light for 30 miles and we are sweating it. Luckily, we catch a long downhill and coast into Booguloo Gas and Snacks burning the last fumes. Dan immediately reverts to his Right Stuff persona and assures us he had it all under control at all times.
Someone in this vehicle is expressing flatulence. I don’t want to accuse or to discuss it. I’d just ask that that person stop.

Deadwood is fantastic. Vic and I are huge fans of the HBO series and the authenticity of its production is confirmed by Lee Harstad.  He’s the marketing director for the town. Lee’s a great guy. We introduce him to Mike, whom I’ve brought along for the fun. Lee takes us to dinner and shows us the old brothels (non working, I assure you) and the chair that Wild Bill Hickock fell from while holding two aces and two eights.

At dinner, Vic and I squabble over how much longer the trip will be because of an unscheduled stop that I’ve scheduled. Harstad tries to be diplomatic. Dan drinks his wine and says nothing. We leave knowing that tomorrow’s going to be a long day. On our way back to the hotel in Harstad’s SUV, we suddenly realize that we left Mike in the restaurant. Dan, of course, returns to rescue him.

Till Next Time,

Jim Thompson