We're with Mr. Allen


If a golfer was to die and go to heaven he might find himself hitting every shot throughout eternity at the Stanley Thompson Course at Banff Springs.

Our Longest Drive got a respite in the last two days owing, again, to the persuasive skills of our leader. Having had a snoot full of Super 8s, Day’s Inns and double ups at Red Roofs, Vic has the foursome living large at The Fairmont Hotel and Resort at Banff Springs. We get the upgrade to executive suites in this Tudor complex of fine resort living that attracts swells from all over Europe and the world. We park the muddied “Arctic or Bust” RV right in front of the place, right there among the polished Bentleys and the Lamborghinis. Sure we turn heads with our duffels and plastic cloths bags and general dishevelment, but the welcoming staff is far too gracious to suggest that they notice.

Certainly the highlight was golf this morning – a brilliant track cut right out of the Canadian Rockies. I’ve never played in a more stunning and beautiful surrounding. All of our jaws dropped as we stepped to each new tee. Golf shots hung in the sky a little longer and landed a little softer against a backdrop of tall pines and colored rock and sunny snow caps that comprised the biggest mountains we’d ever been next to. Add in a couple waterfalls (made solely by nature, of course) and streams rushing harder from the snowmelt. There is no place like this. None.

Naturally, we brought Mike out on the course with us and he became a big part of the filming done by Martin and his crew. But then maybe it was not we who brought Mike along to this paradise. In this heaven for golfers, maybe Mike’s the one who has the membership and he was good enough to have us as his guests.

Till Next Time,

Jim Thompson