What Have We Gotten Into?


What have I REALLY gotten myself into!!!!  Here it’s T-84 and I was thinkin’ all is cool, baby, but noooooo, my travelling companions are starting to mumble. 

“Hey, does this RV fit my BRAND? Where are the silk sheets? Ohhhh, will it be too tough on my back?  What about road noise?  I was hoping for a Range Rover; can’t we do this in an Audi S-4?  Yada, yada, yadaaaaa!

Maybe an overdose of that HOPIUM drug left over from the last presidential election has clouded at least one of their perspectives as to what this trip is really about. I guess ol’ Woodsie is gonna have to splash a little cold water on these two cherubs of the North Shore – wake up and smell the coffee, big guys.  This ain’t no Ambercrombie & Kent luxury excursion! 

I know “real travelers” can do this trip on motorcycles but we are a good 15 years past that. Put on your John Deere cap, get yourself a kidney-belt and experience some of the greatest scenery in the world as so many down-to-earth, red-blooded North American adventurers have done before us – WE’RE GOIN’ TRUCKIN.”


Dan Johnson, Our Longest Drive Traveler