Dying to Get Back on Tour


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Hey Everyone. Double P checking in here. Im still in Scottsdale and definitely getting antsy. Looking forward to hitting the road in a few days. Im planning on heading out of here tomorrow and swinging through Arkansas on my way to the Wachovia Championship. John Daly turns 40 this Friday and it should be a good party. Ive been to a few of his birthday bashes and he always combines good times, charity stuff and his favorite bands. Looking forward to hitting on the road and JDs bash is a nice pit stop en route to Charlotte, NC.
Last week I wrote that Elbow Rehab Aint All Bad since things were laid back, I was hanging with friends and getting to enjoy the downtime. Unfortunately, Im not bouncing back as quickly as I hoped. Im seeing the physical therapist three times a week and each trip is more painful than the next. Just when I start feeling better, the therapist starts digging his finger into the sorest point of my elbow to work out the pain and I leave there feeling worse off than when the day started.
Im not sure if I am going to have a second opinion yet. I really expected to bounce back quicker here and hope that a little more laying low does the trick. Im headed to Dalys party and then the Wachovia regardless of where the pain is. I feel like I have to get back out there and give it a shot. Not sure how itll all play out, but its just not in my nature to sit around any longer.
These past few weeks since the Verizon have been extremely boring. Im not a good patient. Rest and rehab arent really in my vocabulary. Id much rather gut it out, push myself next week and test the elbow. If it goes out on me again, so be it. Ill trek back home, get that second opinion and attempt to lay low a little longer. Right now I cant even imagine that being the case. If Im home much more, I swear Im going to get a part time job. For all the money Ive been spending at Best Buy the past few weeks, I might as well get a job there and take advantage of the employee discount.
I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has written www.PatPerezGolf.com ' as well as my personal page on MySpace.com the past few weeks. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to write. I had no idea this Golf Channel column was reaching so many folks and that itd garner such a reaction ' especially with me down and out since the first week of the column. I promise that when I hit the road again, things will pick up regarding life on the road, what us PGA guys do in our down time as well as discussing certain aspects of my game.
In the interim, I wanted to take this weeks column to answer some questions that have been emailed to PatPerezGolf.com recently.
A few people wrote and asked what I consider my coolest PGA TOUR memory to date ' be it golf related or just a something that resulted from being on Tour.
As far as golf ' bar none the Masters and the British Open. You grow up playing and practicing your whole life, seeing the events on TV and then one day youre in the field competing against the best. I still recall getting that Masters invite in the mail around Christmas 2002 and just staring at it. That really hit home with me.
As far as non-PGA TOUR related stuff, its events like the VH1 Fairway to Heaven tourney, Dalys charity stuff and the Hootie tourney. Those are events Id pay to be a part of and instead I invited to be a participant. That will never get old.
Another question Ive gotten a lot lately is about my favorite band, The Cult and my love for music. Ive been a fan of The Cult forever. Whether Im driving around town, working out or gearing up for a round during tournament week, my iPod is always pumping. Songs like Rain, Rise and She Sells Sanctuary have meant a lot to me for a while ' so we incorporated them into the look and feel of www.PatPerezGolf.com. Ive said it for years now ' when I win my first PGA TOUR tournament I am going to throw a bash and will do whatever it takes to get The Cult to play it.
Outside of The Cult, I am also a big fan of stuff like Metallica, System of a Down and Iron Maiden ' anything that grooves and gets me fired up. I even bought a 1959 Gibson Les Paul last summer. Even though I cant play it, I love staring at the thing.
I promise well have a full blown Q&A on my website in the coming weeks, so please email your questions in and well get them answered.
Until then, another few days of laying low and then its off to Arkansas. Hopefully next time Im writing Ill have great stories from Dalys 40th and will have just played my practice round at Wachovia.
See you on the road. ' Double P
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