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Hey Everyone, Double P checking in. I just got back home after a few days down south. I headed out to John Dalys 40th birthday bash in Dardanelle, AR, and then swung through Birmingham, AL, to see a specialist and get a second opinion on my injured elbow.
I left for Dardanelle last Thursday and had a great time celebrating with JD and the crew. When I say crew, I literally mean the entire city of Dardanelle. The guy is an absolute hero there. Everyone loves him and whoever he brings into the fold. I guess a lot of those folks saw me on the Daly Planet because they all knew who I was. I was more recognized in Dardanelle than I am at the average Tour event. It was crazy insane.
Dalys spot there, the Lions Den, is walking distance from his house and right on the course. His brother Jamie owns another local spot ' Dalys Downtown. Great BBQ.
Saturday we all watched the NFL Draft on the bus. Pretty safe to say we were all shocked Reggie Bush went No. 2. I was also surprised Matt Leinart dropped. Arizona will be a good fit for him. The new stadium is almost good to go and with Edgerrin James in the backfield, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin at receiver, Leinart fell into a pretty good situation with the Cardinals.
I drove over to Birmingham on Monday to get my long-awaited second opinion on the elbow. Thankfully, things are finally looking up and I am planning on heading to Dallas next week for the Byron Nelson Classic. I love playing in that tournament and hope to pick up where I left off after the PLAYERS. I still cant believe how long its been since Ive played. It feels like forever.
The verdict on the elbow is that I have somewhat of a pinched nerve near or around the tendon. I needed a Cortisone shot to numb the pain and a day later I am actually feeling a million times better. The MRI was negative and no surgery is required. I am going to rest and rehab the remainder of this week and Ill head to Dallas on Sunday, most likely. My good bud Tommy Armour III throws a pretty fun bash the week of the Byron Nelson and since hes never missed my Phoenix Open party, I definitely have to get out to his gig this week.
Like last week, both and my profile page have been receiving a lot of questions about my elbow, my game, my bikes and whatever else Ive been up to these past few off weeks.
A few folks asked when I first started seeing my scores drop - 100, 90, 80, par, etc. I really had to rack the brain here. I was competing in San Diego Junior Golf tournaments as far back as 7 or 8 years old and was winning a lot of those tourneys. I won the 1993 Junior World Golf Championship and for the past two years have co-sponsored the Pat Perez Tournament of Champions for the SDJGA.
Regarding exactly when I broke those monumental numbers, I cant really remember. I havent shot 100 in probably 25 years or so and believe I was breaking par for the first time somewhere between 9 or 10. Id have to ask my dad about some of that stuff. He keeps all the old newspaper and magazine clippings from back in the day.
Someone else asked if I go out at night during tournament days and if so, have I overdone it and paid the price the next day.
Not in a long while. Maybe a few times earlier in my career. Im sure some Tour guys can tell you about some rowdy nights we all had on the Tour (Nationwide).
These days its all business Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon. Especially now. I spent my entire off season in 2005 at Athletes Performance here in Scottsdale working out nonstop. I was eating right, getting enough sleep and dedicated my entire off season to getting stronger, building up my stamina and working on my game. To play a tournament round having overdone it the night before and shoot poorly? Its not an option right now. I want my first win. Until then, theres really nothing to be celebrating.
Ill have a good time with friends and go out during an off week. During a tournament week its golf, working out, stretching, dinner and to bed early. If a bunch of us do rally and go out, its on Monday or Tuesday. Thats really it.
The final question this week is about my clubs. Someone asked how often I get them tweaked or worked on during the season.
Im a big fan of, If it aint broke ' dont fix it. I try not to mess with my equipment unless necessary. Ill probably have my clubs checked every three or four month regarding the lie and the loft, new grips, etc. Thats it. I may go back and forth between a few different putters, but regarding tweaking the equipment ' I avoid it as much as possible and try not to overthink things.
Off to Dallas in a few days and gearing up for the Byron Nelson. Looks like the Spikes Up column will finally get back to some actual life on the road and golf stuff.
Double P
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