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Hey Everyone. Pat Perez checking in from San Diego this week. Im headed back home this off week to see some buds and to celebrate Mothers Day with my mom, whos living in Carlsbad these days.
I had a great week back with friends and family. Hung out, had a few BBQs, hit the Samurai Japanese Steakhouse, watched some NBA Playoffs action, took my dog to Dog Beach down in Del Mar and got my mind off the injured elbow.
All the distractions proved pretty good for me. When I finally teed it up on Monday, I was able to go through a few bags of balls at the range with no pain whatsoever ' though my action needs some work. I saw a picture of my swing that my web guy put on and I immediately noticed the position of my left hand. Coach Michael Owen and I have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks as I mount my comeback.
I was hitting balls up at Taylor Made on Monday and met with my rep, Scott Cuppett. Cuppy is good people and I always have a good time with the folks up there. I got to talk to owner and CEO Mark King a bit, as well as Robin English, Chuck Presto and a few others. All the bigwigs were present as Taylor Made upgraded their practice range facilities and Monday was the grand opening.
Pat Perez
Pat Perez is gearing up for his return to the PGA TOUR from an elbow injury.
Everything up there is first class and top of the line. I look forward to getting back there in the off-season and checking out some of the contraptions. One of the areas has a room with nine cameras staggered throughout and a machine that looked like the robot Rocky bought Pauly in Rocky IV. You put on a special suit and the nine cameras capture every angle and aspect of your swing. Pretty intense.
While checking out the new digs, the guys behind the guys worked on my irons and fine-tuned them for me. Im playing the new Rack Blades which are a little different in shape from the old ones. I needed to get all of that squared away as I start practicing again in the next few weeks. After just over seven weeks off (since withdrawing from the Verizon Heritage) it appears Ill finally make my comeback the first week of June at The Memorial in Dublin, Ohio. I cant wait.
Im really looking forward to getting back out on the road to see the boys ' Tommy Armour III, Jason Gore, Todd Fischer and my other Tuesday Morning Practice Round Crew. Im sure theyve been ripping on me the past two months, so I need to get back out there and put them all in check. I had breakfast with my caddy Mike Hartford this morning before hitting the road and he too is ready to get back out there.
Im headed back to Scottsdale and either Thursday or Friday Im making the trek to Philadelphia. My bud Pat Burrell plays for the Phillies and they have a home stand this weekend with the Boston Red Sox. Burrell has been trying to get me out there for a few years now, but it didnt work with my Tour schedule. Before I hit the road, I definitely want to get back east and catch a few games. Should be a good interleague game and since my Padres were on the road the whole week I was in San Diego, itll be fun to finally take in a few baseball games.
I wanted to get back to San Diego when St. Louis is in town as my bud Mark Mulder will be throwing, but I need to get back to the practice range. When I get to The Memorial, Ill have been away from competitive golf for over ten weeks. If Im going to get back to competing again the best, Im really going to have to work hard the next two weeks to get my game back.
Im looking forward to the next few weeks. I never thought Id miss the road and playing as much as I have. These past two months have felt like forever. A handful of first time winners finished a top the leaderboard the past few weeks. As happy as I am for them, I feel its time for me to get back out there and earn my first PGA TOUR win. My time is coming. I know it. I just have to work out the kinks that come from two months off, but Ill get back to where I was at the week of the Players Championship. (Editors Note: Perez finished T3 at the TPC at Sawgrass.)
Until then, its all about practice and taking in a few baseball games. Thanks to my San Diego crew for getting my mind off the injury and showing me a good time out there ' as well to the Taylor Made crew for taking care of me, as always.
Catch you next week and looking forward to seeing everyone at The Memorial in June. Also, thanks to everyone whos visited my online store recently. I never expected to sell so many of the new tees while injured at home. Looking forward to looking in the galleries and seeing the Double P logo represented out there. Thanks again. ' Double P
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Pat Perez is in the midst of his fifth season on the PGA Tour. 'Double P' earned his PGA Tour card as the Q-School Medalist in 2001 and was part of the 1996 NCAA National Championship golf team at Arizona State University. Visit Pat at his website