Quotes of the Week


'It’s been a frustrating and difficult year, but I’m committed to my long-term health.' - Tiger Woods, in announcing he wouldn't be playing in the U.S Open due to ongoing leg injuries.


'The excitement that he generates will be missed.' - Mike Davis, U.S. Golf Association executive director, on Tiger not teeing it up at Congressional.


'Um, yes ... So, ‘Thanks, Tiger.’ I guess I’m glad he was listening to his doctors.' - Michael Whitehead, a recent Rice graduate, when ask by phone if he would like to take Woods' spot in the U.S. Open field. Whitehead was an alternate after losing out in a three-man sectional qualifier in Dallas.


'We would be idiots if we extracted Mike from his U.S. Open activities.' - USGA president Jim Hyler, on allowing Mike Davis to continue to perform his U.S. Open course set up duties.


'It’s a part of the world where the development of elite players is something that we see as being an opportunity.' - TyVotaw, executive vice president of international affairs for the PGATour, on spearheading the Olympic effort for 2016 and trying to establish a PGA Tour-branded circuit in South America, LatinAmerica and the Caribbean.


'I think like anybody else, Steve doesn’t want to miss a major, just like Tiger doesn’t want to miss a major.' - Mark Steinberg, after news broke about Adam Scott using Steve Williams as his caddie at the U.S. Open.


'Will you stop calling me Mr. Palmer? You make me sound old!' - Arnold Palmer, to 'Morning Drive' co-hosts Gary Williams and Erik Kuselias, when in the studio last Tuesday to talk about all things golf.