Quotes of the Week


'It's not a normal tournament. There's cameras, there's phones, there's everything. There's no security. I don't know which holes to walk through. There's no ropes ... I'm not used to that. I'm not saying it's bad. It's just something I'm not used to, I'm not comfortable with. It's very strange to me. Just very uncomfortable.'Bubba Watson, during a rare appearance on the European Tour at this week's French Open, about how the tournament atmosphere differs from the PGA Tour.


“I think this might be the only time I play in Europe. I miss my home.” – Watson, again, expressing his feelings after playing at the French Open.


“By playing the French Open and Scandinavian Masters, and maybe Asia at the end of the year, that will make Bubba more of a global player ... The younger Americans should definitely follow what Bubba’s doing. He will become very popular doing this.' – European sports agent, Chubby Chandler, a few weeks ago after learning Watson was planning to make multiple appearances on the European Tour in 2011.


'AT&T in Philly where the fans can be tough. They booed Santa Claus, who boos Santa? What’s wrong with you if you boo Santa?” – Tweeted by Brian Gay's caddie, Kip Henley (@KipHenley), about the Tour's AT&T National this week in Philadelphia.


“Oh yeah, there were plenty of guys on the Nationwide Tour who smoked (marijuana) in the middle of the round. We always talked about it. You could go in the Porta John and take your drags.”Robert Garrigus, quoted in a recent GolfWorld story about marijuana use on Tour.


“Why would anyone be surprised at that? It was a party time, the ’70s,’ 80s into the early ’90s for a lot of guys. I know of guys who have done stuff like that on the PGA Tour.” – Former PGA Tour caddie and analyst for XM Radio's PGA Tour Network, Michael Collins, responding to Garrigus' comments.


“I don't think it happens today at all ... I don't think it's happened within the last 15 years on any tour other than Garrigus. There's so much more at stake now.” – Collins again, on whether he believes any players still use drugs during a Tour event.


“It means a lot. I mean, it’s a national championship and not to bring down the win of the UCLA team, but the five that played at that tournament kind of have a different meaning with that national championship, because they were part of it. They played in it, and this one is kind of my own. I am a Bruin and I’m representing the Bruins this week, but this is kind of my national championship.” Brianna Do, after winning the U.S. Women's Public Links, in comparing the accomplishment to that of being a part of the UCLA golf team this year.


'At the same age, yeah ... His swing is definitely better than mine was at the same age.”Tiger Woods, during a press conference at the AT&T National, about the state of 22-year-old Rory McIlroy's golf swing.


“It’s certainly a possibility ... I wouldn’t say it’s the first thing on our agenda.” – PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem, on whether the Tour is considering a rules change regarding top international players, such as Rory McIroy, to be exempted into whichever tournaments they wish, regardless of tour affiliation.