Quotes of the Week


''We hear guys talking about needing swing coaches, sports psychologists, fitness instructors or changing managers. He needs an exorcist. I half expect winged bulls to fly out of his head when he is standing over a shot.' – Brandel Chamblee, talking about Kevin Na's pre-shot troubles.

“The real bottom line is for me, (Woods) just doesn't have theself-belief, the self-confidence that he obviously had, the Tiger ofold, simple as that.” –  Nick Faldo, chiming in on what he feels is part of Tiger Woods' struggles.

''Simply, he needs to fire Sean (Foley), call Butch (Harmon).'' – Chamblee again, offering his two cents about what he thinks Tiger Woods should be doing at this point in his career.

''I find it interesting since they're not in my head. They must have some kind of superpowers I don't know about.' – Tiger Woods, in his Tuesday news conference, responding to Brandel Chamblee and Nick Faldo's comments on the state of Tiger's game.

“You talk about a journey ... And to play with Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, and then with Arnold [Palmer] and Jack [Nicklaus], and the young players today, it’s been a real long journey.' – Gary Player, upon being awarded the PGA Tour's Lifetime Achievement Award.

'In the case of the Masters, we have concluded a number of times now – and we have certainly not moved off of this – that we are not going to give up the Masters as a tournament on our Tour.' – Tim Finchem, in his annual news conference at The Players Championship, about the Augusta's membership policies.

'I have known 95 of these people when they were living. I've written stories about 73 of them. I've had cocktails and drinks with 47 of them, and I played golf with 24 of them. So I want somebody else to try and go up against that record.' – Dan Jenkins, on induction night, talking about his now fellow members of the Hall of Fame.

''I would have putting matches with the other coworkers, and we would putt for a soda and a candy bar.'' – Phil Mickelson, reminiscing on growing up with the game of golf.

''At least I’m alive.'' – Sandy Lyle, on being the first Scot to be inducted into the Hall of Fame while still alive.