Quotes of the Week


'Golf just seems easier for her than for everybody else.' – Morgan Pressel, on Yani Tseng’s current LPGA domination.

“My golf is fine, my brain wasn’t. My mental health was just crap. My big thing is, life’s not to be endured it’s to be enjoyed.” – Lindsey Wright, on returning to the LPGA after battling severe depression.

'When I saw the edges of the machine, I was 100-percent sure that I lost all the fingers. I was terrified.' – Jesper Parnevik, on injuring his right hand in a boating accident that could jeopardize his career.

'The armor looks to be back in place again, and actually possibly the aura. Once again he's got the swagger back in his step.' – Rupert Adams, spokesman for a British bookmaker, on making Tiger the odds-on favorite to win the Masters.

“When I drive down Magnolia Lane, I just have this ease going to Augusta.” – Phil Mickelson, on playing the Masters.

'I know the fans are going to have something to do with picking my date, but, of course, I'll have the final say.' - Lexi Thompson, on her upcoming prom date.

'I'm all right at golfing, I'm not the greatest. Bubba says I'm terrible. I think his wife (Angie) did beat me, but she's a player. She can play!' – Justin Beiber, on his relationship with Bubba Watson.

“Lorena (Ochoa) always goes and touches the trophy, always goes to see the trophy before she plays because she thinks that gives her very good luck. So I did that a couple times. But it just didn't work last year. After that, I won't touch a trophy again [on the first tee]. I will never look at it again.” – Yani Tseng, on her superstitions before playing a tournament.