Quotes of the Week


'Nobody in the history of the game has been better at putting themselves in contention to win a major than Jack. You finish with 37 top-2s, you’re going pretty good.' - Tiger Woods, on Jack Nicklaus' phenomenal record of 37 top-2 finishes in major championships.

“I don't know whether he's going to continue to beat the guys. While he has been gone for, what, say 2 1/2 years, whether these guys who have all now learned how to play, all learned how to win, they're probably no longer afraid of Tiger.” – Jack Nicklaus, on Tiger’s intimidation factor.

“The poor dog is walked to death. Every time I grab the leash, she just cringes. ... It's a different lifestyle for me.' – Juli Inkster, on how she’s spending her time away from golf while recovering from elbow surgery.

“Putting? If you lose your confidence in putting or chipping, very tough, very tough. With the long game, you are going to figure out some way to get the ball around the course.” – Nicklaus, again, on current weaknesses in Tiger’s game and whether he can recover.

“The disruptive timing of this book shows that Haney's self-promotion is more important to him than any other person or tournament. What’s been written violates the trust between a coach and player and someone also once considered a friend.” – Mark Steinberg, who responded to an excerpt from Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney’s forthcoming book, “The Big Miss,” in which it says Tiger once had aspirations of becoming a Navy SEAL.

'I quit drinking sodas August of 1991 at the PGA Championship. I have not had a soda since - I just drink water. My body started to get rewarded for putting the right products in myself. Then, I started working out. I really liked the idea of being fit and strong and being very, very flexible.' - Greg Norman, on his overall emphasis on health and fitness to become a better athlete and thus a better golfer.

“I see in Rory a willingness. He’s very mature at a young age, a lot like Tiger. But I see willingness to do whatever it takes to be a top player.” –  Davis Love III, on the positive attributes he sees in 22-year-old Rory McIlroy.

“You still got to knock it in the hole.” – Nicklaus, again on his indifference over the belly putter controversy.

 'Have a good day.' - Tiger again, sarcastically ending a Q&A with Alex Miceli during Wednesday's news conference at the Honda Classic.