A method to the madness


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Jerry Kelly suspects there’s a method to the madness with Tiger Woods.

While he concedes Woods’ personal troubles are contributied to his slump, he believes there’s got to be more than meets the eye to Woods’ game.

“I think you have to realize since he’s come back he has been working on his swing on his own, which is fine, but he is working on something,” Kelly said Tuesday at the PGA Championship. “Everybody was up in arms after he had that 2000 season and then changed his swing and came back a few years later after having a lull and not winning majors, and all of a sudden . . .”

And all of a sudden Woods is on a winning streak again.

“He’s working on something,” Kelly said. “You know that.'

Working on something might not explain finishing 30 shots behind Hunter Mahan last weekend, or Woods' putting, but Kelly can't get himself to believe Woods has 'lost it' for good.

“There is a lot of this that has to do with what’s going on mentally, no question about it, but he will recover from the mental and then we’ll see where the swing change takes him,' Kelly said. 'It takes time.”