Perez Tigers found a fix


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Tiger Woods may have found a remedy.

Pat Perez believes Woods found a fix for his ailing swing on the driving range that could turn him around this week at The Players Championship.

Perez played with Woods in a practice round Tuesday, the infamous nine holes in which Woods hit five balls into the water. After that round, Perez and Woods worked on their games at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course driving range.

“He hit a couple squirrelly shots on the course, but then he went to the back of the range and started working on getting his hands on the inside coming back [on the takeaway],” Perez said. “After that, he didn’t miss a shot for a half hour.'

Woods looked a lot sharper playing nine holes again in Wednesday’s practice round, according to observers who followed him around. He got himself into trouble just once with a hook into the water off the 14th tee.

Perez said a simple fix with the takeaway might do wonders.

“Damn, after that, every shot was perfect, perfect,” Perez said. “If you saw what I saw, he’s right there

Perez said in their practice round together the day before, Woods looked like he was taking the club back too much on the outside, which made Woods feel like he was laid off at the top. That deceptive feeling affected Woods’ downswing.

“He gets under [on the downswing] and he gets stuck and goes right,” Perez said. “Or he comes under over and he hooks it.”