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LPGA Tour _newPaula Creamer is the highest ranked American in the Rolex Womens World Golf Rankings at No. 4 and makes no secret about her driving ambition to be No. 1. No American has ruled over the womens game since Beth Daniel won LPGA Player of the Year honors in 1994. At 22, Creamers sitting in the best position to change that, accumulating more LPGA victories (8) at her age than any player since Nancy Lopez took the tour by storm three decades ago.
Creamer, working her way through nagging intestinal problems of an unknown origin this year, recorded back-to-back third-place finishes last month but is still searching for her first victory this season.
Im on a lot of medication, but I just have to deal with it right now, Creamer said. Doctors dont know what it is yet.
With the McDonalds LPGA Championship six weeks away, Creamers looking to sharpen her game in a bid to make the next big step in her career and win her first major championship.
In the first installment of GolfChannel.coms new Q&A feature, senior writer Randall Mell surveyed Creamer in an e-mail exchange on her thoughts ranging from golf, music, movies and the after life:



MELL: So whats the most important golf shot you ever hit?
CREAMER: Ive had quite a few memorable shots, but I think it was the 18-foot putt on the 72nd hole which virtually assured me of my first LPGA win at the Sybase Classic my rookie year. It was a cool, rainy day in May, 2005, and I was having a good round, but there was a crowd of good players at the top of the leaderboard. So I knew if I was going to win, I would have to finish strong. I pretty much knew on the 18th tee (a par 5) that I would need a birdie to have a chance. The putt itself wasnt easy, and you throw in the circumstances involved, it was an important moment. This was my ninth LPGA event as an LPGA professional, and while I had some pretty good results, I hadnt won yet. (My coach, David Whelan, had told me at the beginning of the year that Id win in my first seven events. He wasnt too far off.)
MELL: And the one shot of your career you would most like to go back and hit again?
CREAMER: Fortunately, I have a pretty selective memory. So, as far as the shots that didnt go as planned, lets just say that theyre gone from my memory.
2009 Corona Championship
Paula Creamer is motivated by her fans and being a role model. (Getty Images)
MELL: The single word that best describes you?
CREAMER: Driven.
MELL: What motivates you most in life?
CREAMER: To know that Im being given the opportunity to be the best that I can be ' both on and off the golf course ' and that I can make a difference, especially in young peoples lives.
MELL: Name three items that arent about golf on your bucket list (things you want to do before you die).
CREAMER: Sky diving! (But no one wants to do it with me!). Being on Dancing with the Stars sometime . . . But I know thats down the road, since I really dont have the time to do fun things like that due to my playing schedule. Still, it would be a blast . . . Also, I want to eat all the ice cream I can without gaining a single pound!
MELL: Whats the last good book you read thats not about golf?
CREAMER: Twilight Series (by Stephenie Meyer), very page turning stuff.
MELL: Your favorite movie scene?
CREAMER: Top Gun. When Tom Cruise is playing beach volleyball with Goose. Love that movie.
MELL: Three favorite songs or performers on your iPod?
CREAMER: My iPod has so many different songs/artists/types of music, its hard to pick a favorite. That said, right now I seem to be listening to Kelly Clarkson (her new CD is awesome) and Rihanna quite a bit. Check back in a week, though, as I might be listening to rap by then.
MELL: What would we find in your golf bag that we might not expect?
CREAMER: I have an American flag golf ball that my Curtis Cup captain gave me. It has been in every golf bag I have ever had since I was 16. That golf ball has seen a lot.
MELL: When you want to escape from golf, where do you go, what do you do?
CREAMER: Dinner with friends, hang out at my house, watch a movie. Working on getting my new house in order. Im learning to cook, which is quite a sight sometimes.
MELL: If you werent a pro golfer, what profession do you think you would pursue?
CREAMER: I love fashion, so while I dont know exactly what Id be doing, Im pretty sure it would involve the fashion industry.
MELL: At the end of your days, what would you like to hear God say to you?
CREAMER: Wow, what a heavy question. I guess Id like to hear God say a lot of things to me. But I would hope God would be proud of me and tell me that I lived my life and thought of others the way God wanted me to.
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