Reactions to Tiger temper


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Some excerpts from media reactions to Tiger Woods’ letting loose profanity after bad shots Saturday at the Masters:

Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times: '(Phil Mickelson) was not only taking this tournament for himself, but he was taking it from Woods, who reverted to his old entitled ways . . . This is the same Woods who promised to show a newfound respect for the game. This is, of course, also the same Woods who this week mindlessly compared his sex scandal comeback to the comeback of Ben Hogan, even though Hogan was injured heroically in 1949 while throwing himself in front of his wife when their car collided with a bus. As the blogs so brilliantly reminded us, Woods threw his wife under a bus.'

Greg Stoda, Palm Beach Post: 'Here's a question: Is failure of this kind allowed Woods anymore? If anyone else in the field had said what Woods said, it's likely nothing would have been made of it . . . The criticisms of that aspect of Woods' personality — even before the sordid revelations of recent months — always seemed overblown to me. It's a gentleman's sport, to be sure, but expressions of disgust such as the ones Woods frequently utters don't constitute a mockery of the game.Is there any room for the opinion that Woods is as good as he is, in part, because he's so hard on himself? It's who he is, and Woods would be better off just saying so.

Mike Freeman, CBS Sportsline: 'Tiger Woods' foul mouth is officially back. The arrogant, mouth-meet-bar-of-soap Woods has made its roaring return. Congratu -- $@&! -- lations, Tiger.'