Top 10 golf trademarks


tiger woods fist pumps

1. Tiger Woods’ fist pumps. When Woods is prancing across a green pumping his fist, something historic is usually going down with the putt he just holed. The two-handed fist pumps he threw at the 72nd hole at Torrey Pines two years ago, when he rocked back on his heels and roared skyward after holing a clutch putt there, will linger through time. That putt led to his Monday playoff victory against Rocco Mediate. Whatever images dog Woods the rest of his career, the fist pumps will go down in history with him.

tiger woods mom red

2. Tiger Woods’ power red shirt. Nobody dresses for success on Sundays like Woods, who remains the fiercest closer in today’s game, maybe of all time. Woods said he began wearing red shirts on Sunday after his mother told him it was a power color.

paula creamer pink panther

3. Paula Creamer’s Pink Panther affinity. Paula Creamer’s love of the color pink led to her nickname, the Pink Panther. Casey Wittenberg, a friend and fellow golfer, tagged her with the name because she was always wearing something pink. She has a Pink Panther head cover and she likes to break out pink golf ball for final rounds.

camilo villegas putt spider crouch

4. Camilo Villegas Spiderman crouch. You’ll hear his fans greenside begging him to break out in his Spiderman crouch, a web slinger-like pose where Villegas gets down in a one-hand pushup position to read greens. He says it gives him a better feel for how a putt’s going to break.

morgan pressel cry

5. Morgan Pressel’s tears. Pressel’s an emotional player, and she can’t hold back what she’s feeling. Whether she’s ecstatic over a victory or heartbroken over a defeat, the emotions are going to seep out, usually from the corner of her eyes. She’s been working on controlling the tears since she turned pro at 17, but her fans like knowing what she’s feeling.

anthony kim belts

6. Anthony Kim’s belt buckle. The letters A and K distinctly adorn Kim’s belt buckle. When fellow Nike endorser Tiger Woods first asked him about it, Kim cracked, “Well, Nike hasn’t put my initials on anything yet.”

natalie gulbis short skirt

7. Natalie Gulbis’ short skirts. Gulbis has never been afraid to feature that her gifts go beyond golf. She has posed in bikinis for calendars and thrived in short skirts in LPGA events. There’s more than beauty to her appeal. She won the 2007 Evian Masters and helped the Americans win the Solheim Cup last summer.

jim furyk swing

8. Jim Furyk’s looping swing. You could be a few fairways over and recognize Jim Furyk when he’s playing a shot. The unusually long loop in his backswing is one of golf’s most distinctive signature moves.

Christina Kim

9. Christina Kim’s beret/bandana. One of golf’s most colorful personalities, Christina Kim couldn’t settle for a traditional visor or golf cap. Her chapeau had to have more wow to it. She likes berets and occasionally a bandana.

greg norman shark hat

10. Greg Norman’s straw hat. The Shark cuts a dazzling figure marching down fairways in that distinctive straw hat. He calls it a combination of “Aussie-meets-cowboy styling.” It was one of the first items designed when he began the Greg Norman collection.