Cut Line Mobspeak and Merriment


Getting cut means something entirely different at Liberty National, the former site of an oil refinery and a warehouse reportedly controlled by the Gambino crime family.
Or, as co-architect of the sprawling layout Bob Cupp figured when he first saw the wasteland that would become Liberty National, It was a nightmare, we were pretty sure any travesty known to man was on this property.
With this dubious ground underfoot ' if the Meadowlands are the final resting place of Jimmy Hoffa, only RICO knows what lies beneath all that fill at Liberty National ' we offer the Sopranos edition of Cut Line, complete with plenty of mobspeak and a little gabagool on the side.

Bada Bing (Made Cut)
Christina Kim. Critics say the American sparkplug went too far, that her celebrations were unsportsmanlike and out of place. Madonn.
Lucas Glover won the U.S. Open in June with all the zeal of a man getting his oil changed. Its how his grandfather taught him, Act like youve been there, and all of Long Island respected him for it. Kim lives life as if on an adrenaline drip, she knows no other way. You may not appreciate the personality, but you cant question the passion.
Besides, Kims antics only seemed out of place in Sugar Grove, a suburb of Chicago, because its been over 100 years since the Cubs gave the Wrigleyville fateful a championship to celebrate.
Ryan Moore. Weve admired the wunderkind since he won the amateur Grand Slam in 2004 (U.S. Amateur, U.S. Public Links, Western Amateur, NCAA Championship) because he seemed to do it with heart, almost as much as natural talent.
With a homemade swing his father, Mike, taught him, Moore has the single element missing from so many young Americans ' the ability to get the ball in the hole when the situation intensifies.
That he pocketed his first Tour title last week at the Wyndham Championship without a vig, um, equipment deal, simply proves the point that hes more concerned with winning than getting rich.

No Disrespect (Made Cut-Did Not Finish)
U.S. Golf Association. Tim Jackson, the 50-year-old who crashed the kids party this week at the U.S. Amateur, won the stroke-play portion of the championship, and that was after the USGA laid a one-stroke penalty on him for slow play.
Anything that speeds up play is good for golf, but Cut Line is flummoxed by the dichotomy of the situation. The USGA has no problem doling out penalties at its amateur events, but somehow five hour-plus rounds at Junes U.S. Open went unnoticed.
It all has a playground bully feel to it. If the USGA wants to fit slow play with a pair of concrete shoes, lets see the stopwatches early and often next year at Pebble Beach.
Executive privilege. Rumors spread last week that No. 44 (President Barack Obama) and No. 1 (Tiger Woods) planned to sneak in a few holes on Marthas Vineyard.
Seems the buzz of an all-world two-ball was just talk, and maybe thats for the best. Not for nothin, but the chief executive probably has his hands full what with a sagging economy, two wars and a heated health care debate; and Woods has a playoff run to focus on.
There will be plenty of time for a quick nine in the fall, but just a tip for No. 44, keep the subject on golf, No. 1s politics move in only one direction ' the right.
FedEx Cup playoffs. Its best to hang an under construction sign on the Tours third postseason. Some have already labeled the experiment a mess and moved on while ignoring the elephant in Liberty Nationals sprawling room with a view this week.
Woods, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, et al dont go head-to-head very often and almost never in the fall of a non-Ryder Cup year. And if the Tours new math creates some buzz at the Tour Championship all the better. In New Orleans they call that lagniappe, a little extra.

Fugetaboutit (Missed Cut)
Cash for Clunkers. No, were not talking about that federal trade-in program, but it seems a fitting title to help alleviate whats ailing many of the Tours biggest names right now.
Over the past two weeks Vijay Singh and Garcia have both been bitten by clunky putters, proving yet again that an effortless and efficient swing may look good on the practice tee but a pedestrian putter can make a mess of any scorecard.
Nos. 1, 2 and 3 on last years final FedEx Cup points list currently rank 168th (Singh), 111th (Camilo Villegas) and 125th (Sergio Garcia) on Tour iCam putting average, which makes one wonder if the next tweaks to the playoffs need to involve the flat stick.
Liberty National. Seems you can pump $250 million into a former garbage dump and still end up with, well, something only slightly better.
Liberty National officials must have felt like they hit the lottery when they landed the tournament and Woods for a week in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, but after Tour Local No. 768 gets done with the links-like layout they will likely be second guessing their good fortune.
Paul Goydos, as thoughtful as they come on Tour, offered a veiled the golf course is what it is, and another player, looking to avoid a fine, requested anonymity after a more biting assessment, Greatest waste of a toxic landfill ever. Ever.
The Books, as Tony Soprano might say of a doomed associate, seem to be closed on the Jersey layout.