The man in the mirror


Just a thought, but Tiger Woods has openly and often accepted responsibility for his recently-ended marriage, his ongoing image problems and, on Thursday, a game that looked within a chip shot of Y2K.

But what the world No. 1 seems unwilling or incapable of owning is a putting stroke that looks more 2KO’d these days. He called Pebble Beach’s putting surfaces “awful,” didn’t exactly gush over the hard and fast greens at St. Andrews and following Friday’s 73 at Ridgewood Country Club dropped the “B” word – bumpy.

“I didn't have the speed at all on the greens,” said Woods, who needed 33 putts on Friday after just 27 on Thursday. “When the greens get this bumpy, you have to hit pure putts and I wasn't rolling the ball good enough for them to go in.”

As Phil – that’s Dr. Phil, not Phil Mickelson – might say, that is not exactly owning it.