Reality Bites Daly Again


Along with his legion of fans on Twitter and a remade inner circle, a Golf Channel production crew also has been following John Dalys road back to the PGA Tour this year. The as-yet-unnamed, eight-part reality series will premiere in early 2010 and will chronicle the two-time major champions comeback.
On the eve of this weeks Buick Open, his third PGA Tour start this season, Daly spoke with senior writer Rex Hoggard about the new series, his new physique and his new outlook on the game. What prompted you to do another reality series?
John Daly's new inner circle includes girlfriend Anna Cladakis. (Getty Images)
John Daly: Im a different person now. Im more serious about what Im doing now. Ive learned that talent cant do it all. I wasted a lot of years not taking things serious. After everything youve been through in your life, reading your Tweets it seems as though the last few months have made you appreciate your talent and the things youve done in the game. Would you agree with that?
JD: It does make me appreciate what I did before. Im actually enjoying working on my game now. I never did that before. I never had the support around me that I have now. Its the greatest support team Ive ever had in my life because they are looking out for me and whats best for my game. What will be the difference between this show and the show you did with Golf Channel before?
JD: The show will be a little more serious this time. Maybe a little fun thrown in there. Some celebrities will be involved as well, but it will be much more serious. Its well-documented that youve recently lost a lot of weight. What kind of reaction have you gotten from people?
JD: Whats really cool is when people look at me and say, Thats not John. That doesnt even look like John. What made you decide to have the Lap-Band surgery?
JD: I had a decision to make when I had nothing to do for eight months and Lap-Band was a start. Things seem to be going well for you both on and off the golf course. Are you also taking things more serious away from golf?
JD: I have a lot of neat stuff going on right now. I got my company back on track. Im more hands on with everything and people would rather deal with me anyway. It just makes things easier. Youve spent most of your time this year in Europe. How has that experience been?
JD: Europe has been great. The people are nice and make you feel very welcome and the golf courses are good, but theres no place like home How is your comeback going so far?
JD: If I could just make some putts it could be really special. I played really well at the British Open and I was so excited to hit the ball that well and just couldnt make any putts.
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