Tiger after Hank


DUBLIN, Ohio – In his first public address following his split with swing coach Hank Haney Tiger Woods confirmed what many suspected, saying he has no plans to hire a new set of eyes to keep track of his swing.

As for what that swing may look like, however, is open for debate. Woods said he has been using video to study his swing but those expecting any major overhauls, or a return to his post-Haney action, will be disappointed.

“It’s the same thing,” Woods said on Wednesday at the Memorial. “Club’s behind me, just like it was when I was working with Butch (Harmon), just like it was when I was working with Hank. That’s just my fault, and that’s just one of the things that I tend to fall into.”

Speculation from one source with knowledge of the situation is that Woods is in no rush to replace Haney – who he hired back in 2004 because he believed in his swing philosophy and, by all accounts, he is still confident in the technique. Instead, the world No. 1 will go it alone or perhaps use the eyes of an aspiring young professional named Corey Carroll who Woods and Haney began mentoring a few years ago.